11-2010: With a new website online! We took the opportunity to refresh the corforate identity image of our company and to creat it more modern and appealing while having the anniversaey "15 years HKH Planitzer Holz- und Bautenschutz GmbH" in 2011. A part of this relaunch is a new website which brings interesting informations about wood and masonry protection clearly structured and 24 hours a day closer to you. We look forward to your opinion. Let us know your questions, comments, suggestions or criticism by mail or telephone. Contact form

08-2010: Damp in buildings is often the forerunner for moulds and bacteria! Even in the old testament you can find indications for the microbiological strains and health hazard effects of moulds! They are also known as the “course of the pharaoh”: After opening the grave of Tutenchamun in 1922 many people died a mysterious death. They got infected by the spores of the extremely toxic moulds.

08-2010: Without damp safety – no warmth safety! Everybody is talking about the combaling of climate change. In Germany the energy identity card is already a have to and in Austria it will be in 2009. For the time being this regulation is valid for sale and letting out properties. Later on it will be extended towards used buildings. The energy identity card shows the energy requirement and weak points in the buildings cover.

05-2010: The lighthouse farm in Kampen at Sylt is finished and hand over to the client. HKH Planitzer Holz-und Bautenschutz GmbH was in the lead to carry out the wall damp-proofing.