Removal of mould damage

Over the last years mould that causes damage to building has been continuously on the up rise. The type and extent as well as the cause must be ascertained and stopped by the appropriate constructional measures. The main reasons behind this damage must include water damage, thermal bridges, condensation caused by unfavourable room climatic conditions or too low room or surface temperatures but also from ascending dampness and unfavourable surface structures. A connection from continuous increasing heating costs and mould formation is undisputed.

The required measures must be implemented taking all necessary work protective measures as well as cleaning and disinfection according to the requirements of the individual case and to be implemented by the appropriate specialist company. Creation of a permanent alkali wall surface following the correct removal of the affected areas is implemented for example through utilization of calcium silicate sheets as internal insulation and surface coating with Nano silver lacquer or micro pored lacquer. Mould often grows in hidden areas and presents a very high health risks.