Injection technology

There is a differentiation made between low pressure and high pressure injection. The injection materials comprise of mineral injection lime (cement lime), polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, polyurethane gel, poly-acryl gel and aqueous solutions. There is a differentiation  made when installing horizontal blocks through low pressure injection namely cellular plugging, cellular tightening and hydrophobic plugging. Included in the most popular methods are silicon micro emulsions.  They are introduced by means of an injection packer stalled  (refer to Scientific Technical Committee information sheet 4-4-04) in a low pressure process into the damp brickwork, if necessary a prior cavity closure might be necessary with a system appurtenant drilled hole suspension or cement suspension.

With PU resin injected joint
With PU resin injected joint

Knowledge concerning parameters such as dampness contents, wetness degree and possibly the salt contents are also necessary. Polyurethane resin is also utilized as well as horizontal blocks for the crack injection insulation. A differentiation is made here between so-called foam resins and filling resins (refer here to PRCS guidelines or DAfStb(German Committee for Reinforced Concrete)-guidelines). Epoxy resins can also seal, generally however non-positively, especially effective for cracks in reinforced concrete (high pressure injection). Non-positive effecting epoxy resin as well as cement suspensions (cement lime) can be utilized for crack refurbishment on building components (buildings) from a static point of view (crack injections). Parallel to this a clamping or nailing is often implemented for building components that are separated through crack formation.




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