Retrospective installation of horizontal barriers

Essentially there is a differentiation made between mechanical processes and injection (low pressure injections) with capillary blocking or hydrophobic mediums. Implementation is carried out as per the Scientific Technical Committee instruction leaflets 4-7-02 or 4-4-04.

The HW-Chromium steel block

An extremely effective and careful method for horizontal insulation a building or brickworks is given by the HW-Chromium steel block. This requires that a corrugated stainless steel plate (Chromium steel, Chromium-Nickel steel or Chromium-Nickel- Molybdenum steel) with a milled point is driven into a joint without the necessity of opening the brickwork. The work processes for opening a joint, creating the blockage, wedging and non-positive closure is implemented in a single process.

Subsequent crack formation is practically eliminated, due to the fact that the force flow in the brickwork is not interrupted. The horizontal block created with this method is extremely permanent and inexpensive due to the simple processing.  


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Einbau einer Horizontalsperre mit Chromstahlplatte im HW-System
Installation of a horizontal blockage with Chromium steel block in HW-system




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