Suplementary cellar room insullation

This measure does not only remove the dampness in brickwork, but does not allow a continued diffusing of dampness into the plaster. Supplementary cellar room insulation does not only comprise of cement bonded insulating lime washing which is applied in several work steps onto the cleaned and prepared wall surface. Often utilized here especially with heavy loading (moisture) is a multiple coat indoor insulation system. An operational correct horizontal block must exist above the internal insulation or be installed, so as the increased capillary water transportation is prevented. Surfaces that are insulated in this way should be coated with a suitable plaster system (lime plaster or trass plaster) or even better a refurbishment plastering so that condensation build-up is prevented.




  • Sammelkanal Zwickauer Energieversorgung Bahnhofstraße 4/Stiftstraße
  • Sammelkanal Stadtwerke Bautzen
  • Sammelkanal Jena, Stadtwerke Jena-Pößneck
  • Fachkrankenhaus Großschweidnitz, unterirdischer Kanal